Personalized Fitness Coaching
Personalized Fitness Coaching

What team members say about Fit 4 You

"I have worked with Coach Nicole for two seasons now.  In that time I have PR'd at the Marine Corps Marathon and successfully completed my first Olympic, 70.3, and Ironman triathlons.


Before creating a training program, Coach Nicole takes the time to completely understand your goals, experience, past performances and limitations.  From that she builds a custom training plan which is challenging but achievable.  The plan clearly describes everything that you need to do.


What I appreicate the most with Coach Nicole is the level of communication we had.  We had regular checkpoints to discuss the progress of my training, but also talked about a number of other topics including dealing with injury, getting past a bad workout, bike setup, nutrition, and race strategy.  Coach Nicole is consistently constructive positive, and focused on safely achieveing my goals.  We had a lot of fun along the way, too.


I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Coach Nicole to set and achieve bigger goals."  -T.K. from PA

"I had been running for almost three years and had done a handful of shorter triathlons but never had a coach until preparing for my first Ironman.  I could not have been more thrilled with my results from training under Coach Nicole.  What impressed me the most was the individual attention Coach Nicole gave to me, as if I was her only client.  She really took the time to tailor a progam that was suited to my abilities and scheduled my workouts based on my work and personal schedule.  It is difficult for me to train with a group and the individual plan Coach Nicole laid out for me was perfect!  She was always very accommodating and flexible when life got in the way and changed to the training plan were needed.  Another thing I always appreicated about Coach Nicole was the confidence she had in me and the calming influence she was during those difficult or anxious times we all exerience as race day approaches."  -M.K. from VA 

"I had been engaged in some variety of weight training and/or exercise progam for the past 15 years.  I've taken classes, been advised by personal trainers, and read books on the subject.  After years of doing various routines suggested by these resources, I was hoping Coach Nicole wold provide me with a program that could help push me to a new level of fitness.


What I received from Coach Nicole was better than anything I could have expected.  After a detailed research of my physical history, exericse programs, and goals, Coach Nicole created a workout program that was well balanced, meticulously explained, and completely different from anything I have ever done before.  The workouts are challenging, yet can still be easily fit into a busy day.  Coach Nicole has also been extremely helpful in answering questions, offering alternative exericses, and encouraging dedication to the program.


No other person, nor any book, has offered guidance nearly as comprehensive or as tailored to my specific goals.  Coach Nicole is, without question, the best fitness resource I've been lucky enough to find."  -J.C. from VA

"My goal when contacting Coach Nicole was to go from a sedentary lifestyle to competing in my first triathlon.  I could not have been happier with the level of care and support I received from Coach Nicole.  She was keenly aware of my unique challenges of my busy travel schedule when creating a fitness program.  On numerous occasions I was forced to deviate from my prescribed plan and Coach Nicole was amazingly responsive to making changes.  During times of illness or extreme fatigue she seemed to know exactly how to tweak the progam so that I could continue.  I could not have been more pleased with Fit 4 You!  I would highly recommned this service to anyone who is looking to better their fitness, regardless of level."  -D.W. from OH

"Coach Nicole has been a phenomenal resource for both my husband and me as we have embarked on a life of better health and fitness.  Her knowledge and love for what she does shines through as she writes exactly the right program for you.  Coach Nicole thinks outside the box developing programs that suit you, your needs, and your goals.  Her passion for better health and fitness is contagious.  She makes you really WANT to work hard to achieve your goals.  We are now 3 years healthy and strong.  Thank you Coach Nicole for all of your help along the way."  -S.B. from PA

"As a college athlete and Marine, I thought I knew everything I needed to know about fitness and training.  Coach Nicole soon corrected that mistake!  Training with her took over 30 minutes off my marathon time, helping me acieve a personal record.  When I wanted to explore new activities, she had the breadth of knowledge and experience to help me with my swimming and cycling.  She even supported me by running my first triathlon with me!  Throughout all my training, Coach Nicole was always motivated, knowledgeable, and prepared with tips to prevent boredom."  -I.K. from NY

"I took up running after a 20 year break (I should mention that I am 60 years old).  When I started back, I just ran the same pace, the same distance, etc. with no plan really.  My daughter talked me into running a half marathon although I never really thought I could do it.  Then I met Coach Nicole and she devised a training schedule based on the days I could train and the limited time I had to prepare before the race.  I followed Coach Nicole's training schedule to the letter.  Not only did I accomplish my goal time, I also finished 1st in my age group.  Without Coach Nicole's training plan, there is no way I would have accomplished that."  -S.E. from FL

"I met Nicole at my last duty station.  When I reported there I had been having trouble with weight control as well as some medical issues that affected my status of staying on active duty.  I was referred to Coach Nicole and she made very careful assessments of my abilites and developed a very structured physical fitness program.  With her vast knowledge and experince she guided me towards steady and measureable progress that ensured me coming within military weight standards as well as passing the biannual physical fitness test.  Under her continued guidance, I succeeded in achieveing all my goals then and now in my present duty station.  It is going on almost 6 years with continued success and confidence.  I can say with the greatest sincerity that I will always be forever grateful to Coach Nicole for helping me to save my career and achieve a level of health and fitness I am very proud of today."  -A.R. from SC

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