Personalized Fitness Coaching

What is Fit 4 You?

Fit 4 You offers online personal training and fitness coaching services.  Our programs are focused on helping you achieve your individual goals and are fit around your lifestyle. No two programs are alike; you will not receive a standard off-the-shelf training plan with Fit 4 You.  Whether your goal is to train for your first running race or triathlon, to hit a specific time in an event, or simply to begin a healthier lifestyle, Fit 4 You can customize a program just for you!

Each Fit 4 You program is tailored to you based on your goals, medical and fitness background, work/home/life demands and other specific needs.  We work with a wide variety of clients from all fitness levels and walks of life to include activity duty military personnel, federal agents, retirees, students, stay at home moms, teachers, lawyers and everyone in between.  We guarantee we can help you achieve your goals.

Fit 4 You develops general fitness programs as well as personalized training plans for endurance athletes for events such as: 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, ultramarathon, sprint distance triathlon, Olympic distance triathlon, half Ironman distance triathlon, or Ironman distance triathlon.  Program lengths vary between 8 to 28 weeks; you choose which one best suits your needs.  All Fit 4 You programs include unlimited email contact, and programs can be altered as needed.

Why is Fit 4 You right for me?

Fit 4 You was established in 2005 to meet the growing demand for online coaching.  Online coaching is becoming a more popular option for those seeking guidance with their fitness programs and training.  One of the great aspects of Fit 4 You is that it breaks down geographic boundaries.  Fitness enthusiasts located anywhere can have access to an individual coach 365 days a year who will provide a customized fitness program and monitor their training.  In addition, Fit 4 You allows a real-life coach to interact with you via e-mail and phone calls.  These different contact methods ensure that every member can communicate with their coach quickly and at a time that is convenient to their schedule.  Often, online coaching is more flexible than working with a private coach and more cost effective.  Fit 4 You offers many different programs and program lengths to meet the training needs and budget of everyone.  Select the program that is “Fit 4 You!"